Achieve Your Goals

A Mosquito Squad franchise is a tremendous opportunity to pursue your personal career, lifestyle, wealth and income objectives. When making this kind of important business and lifestyle decision you will want to consider how well franchising and Mosquito Squad align with your personal and business goals.

In order to define your goals as they relate to a pest control franchise you can use the following acronym: ILWED. The letters represent various facets of goal setting and can determine if our franchise can improve your:

  • Income:Your recurring and short-term earnings through employment and investments.
  • Lifestyle:A manner of living that reflects your values and attitudes.
  • Wealth:Having plentiful material goods and money.
  • Equity:The interest in assets you have acquired and accumulated that can be unlocked someday through a sale.
  • Debt Elimination:The ability to live comfortably without being burdened and stressed by carrying debt.

Defining your goals with the ILWED methodology is discussed more in-depth during our E-Tour.

Achieve Your Goals
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